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KSNG Standard Operating Procedures

Kansas National Guard Standard Operating Procedures

Publication Number Type Effective Date Title Proponent
1-201 KSARNG 20130710 Organizational Inspection Program G-3
11-27 KSNG 19970224 Kansas National Guard Energy Program DPW
25-2 JFHQ 20050615  Information Assurance Program  J-6
25-2-1 JFHQ 20060701 Procedures for Safeguarding Material on Portable Computers  DCSIM
25-59 JFHQ 20120716 Office Symbols  DOP
27-10 KSNG 19980301 Military Justice  JAG
27-20 KSNG 19900510 Claims Arising from Activities of Kansas Army National Guard Personnel while Engaged in Duty or Training  JAG
 37-1-3 JFHQ 20090520 Management, Budget and Fiscal  USPFO
 37-1-3 JFHQ 20110725 Management, Budget and Fiscal , Change 2  USPFO
 37-1-10 JFHQ 20070701 Travel and Transportation  USPFO
37-49 JFHQ 20131016 Fiscal Responsibilities of State Funds  
 37-112 JFHQ 20111121 Government Travel Charge Card Program USPFO 
40-1 KSARNG 20100501 Medical Service Program DCSPMS
40-63 KSARNG 20011201 Spectacle Inserts for Protective Masks  DOL
40-501-3 KSARNG 19990801 KSARNG Medical Care for M-Day Soldiers DCSPMS
55-2 KSARNG 20011201 Movement/ Transportation Assistance and Instruction Team (MAIT) DOL
55-10 JFHQ 20060310 Administration Transportation Movement Support DOL
55-12 JFHQ 20150212 Kansas Defense Movement Procedures  
58-1 JFHQ 20051204 Management and Use of Commercial Vehicles SMM
135-18 KSARNG 20050110 Army National Guard (ARNG) Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Active Service Tour Continuation Board (ASCTCB) HRMO
190-45 JFHQ 20120626 Commander's Critical Information Requirements/ Serious Incident Reporting Procedures J3/DOMS
200-1 KSARNG 20040227 Environmental Quality, Protection, and Enhancement DPW 
210-10 KSNG 19980410 Appointment Armory Fiscal Officer and Use of Armories  
210-10 KSNG 19980410 Armory Rental Agreement, Annex D, KSNG SOP 210-10  
210-50 JFHQ 20100601 Chargeable Transient Quarters and Billeting Fund Management USPFO 
215-1 JFHQ 20090410 Unit Morale Support Funds USPFO 
230-21 KSNG 19950701 Station, Armory and Other Funds  
350-1 KSNG 19960418 Training G-3
350-1 KSPAM 20130315 Training Management G-3
350-12  KSARNG 20020401 Inactive Duty Training and Annual Training Equipment Requirements DOT/DOL
381-10 KSNG 20091206 Intelligence Oversight J-2
385-10 JFHQ 20100224 Army National Guard Safety Program SSO
385-11 JFHQ 20100312 Kansas Radiation Safety Program for Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation Emitting Items SMM
385-55 KSARNG 20140224 Kansas IDT Fatigue Management Program DCSLOG 
420-1 KSARNG 19990716 Facilities Engineering Use, Operation and Maintenance of Facilities at Camp Funston, Fort Riley, Kansas  
420-8 KSNG 19960801 Facilities Management DPW
420-47 KSARNG 19960415 Solid and Hazardous Waste/ Material Management DPW
600-3 KSNG 19910926 Line of Duty Determinations  
600-8-22 JFHQ 20110823 Decorations, Awards, and Honors DCSPER
600-9 KSNG 19920131 ARNG Weight Control Program  
600-12 KSNG 20110510 Kansas National Guard Family Program  
600-55 KSARNG 20090318 Selection, Training, Testing, and Licensing of Equipment Operators SMM
600-55 KSARNG 20140805 Change 1 to KSARNG SOP 600-55 SMM
600-85 KSARNG 20070603 Substance Abuse Prevention and Control Program DCSOPS 
600-100-1 KSARNG 20111101 Officer and Warrant Officer Career Management Program G-1
600-102 KSPAM 20130101 Kansas National Guard Warrant Officer Strength Maintenance Program CCWO
600-200-1 KSARNG 20180209 Kansas Army National Guard Enlisted Career Management Program DOP
710-2 JFHQ 20150227 Rescinding JFHQ SOP 710-2 DCSLOG 
710-2-1 JFHQ 20060310 Management and Use of STAMIS Computer Systems  DOL
 750-1  KSARNG   20090101  Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment   SMM 
 750-1 KSARNG  20130514  Change 1 to KSARNG SOP 750-1 (Appendix J) SMM
NA KSARNG   20140917  Food Service Letter of Instruction (LOI) for Operating the KSARNG Food Service Program during Inactive Duty Training (IDT) and Annual Training (AT)  
 NA  KSARNG  20140915  Food Service Operations for Garrison and Field Feeding   
NA KSARNG 20140916 Head Counter  
NA KSARNG 20140916 Cash Meal Payment Sheet  
NA KSARNG 20141001 Command Supply Discipline Program (CSDP) DCSLOG
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