Kansas Adjutant General's Department
TAG Policy Letters

The Adjutant General (TAG) Policy Letters

 1  not used  
 2  Appointment of Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR)  20130215
 3  Substance Abuse in the Kansas National Guard  20140507
 4  obsolete  
 5  Security Precautions for General Officers  20110624
 6  General Services Administration (GSA) Vehicles  20040225
 7  Kansas Army and Air National Guard Environmental Policy  20110524
 8  Kansas Army National Guard Qualified Recycling Program (QRP) Instructions  20120203
 9  Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy for the Kansas National Guard  20110208
 10  Equal Opportunity  20110208
 11  Sexual Harassment Policy for the Kansas National Guard  20110208
 12  Recruiting Tour Renewals  20040226
 13  Urinalysis Testing of AGR Personnel  20121128
 14  Diversity Policy for the Kansas National Guard  20110208
 15  Tobacco Free Workplace Policy  20090506
 16  National Flag at Half Staff during Memorial Ceremonies  20050119
 17  Electronic Communications Device Use While Driving in Performance of Duty  20091123
 17 Exception to Policy to TAG Policy #17 20100111
 18  Workplace Violence  20050617
 19  Unprofessional Relationships  20051116
 20  Mobilization Dwell Policy Regarding Army National Guard Soldiers  20080306
 21  Possession of Privately Owned Weapons on Kansas National Guard (KSNG) Property  20120501
 22  obsolete  
 23  Motorcycle Accident Prevention  20130711
 24  State Sponsored Life Insurance  20070321
 25  Service Member Medical Injuries  20070426
 26  Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program 20170831
 27  Waivers and Exception to Policy Requests for Army Regulation 190-11 and Army Regulation 190-51  20110624
 28  Hiring, Administrative Actions involving Felony Convictions  20100310
 29  Official Policy for the Adjutant General’s Mounted Color Guard (MCG)  20100510
 30  Energy Conservation at Kansas Army National Guard (KSARNG) Facilities  20110519
 31  Revocation of TAG Policy Letter #31, Security and Vehicle Registration  20111220
 32  Workplace Bullying Policy for the Kansas National Guard  20110510
 33  Command Guidance for Parades and Military Equipment Used for Public Displays  20110624
 34  Guidance and Parameters for Use of Social Media  20110729
 35  Joint Operations Center (JOC) Personnel Attachment  20120430
 36  Remedial Army Physical Fitness Training  20110907
 37  Computer Access Policy  20110926
 38  Use of Federal Equipment to Support National Guard Civil Support (NGCS) Operations  20120404
 39  Use of Federal Equipment to Support Community Relations  20120404
 40  Disciplinary and Adverse Action Authority over Technicians  20120517
 41 Required Identification (ID) for Access Control 20150402
42 Arming and Protection Policy for KSNG Personnel 20160531
   SDB Smoking Policy  20041105
   Property Clearance Prior to Discharge  20110411
  Newly Designated Smoking Area at State Defense Building 20130718
  Concealed Carry of Personally Owned Handguns by Members of the AG Dept 20150930
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