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Thank you for visiting the TAG Federal HRO site for job announcements.  In order to ensure you have visibility of all open positions for the geographic area you would like to work, we no longer list individual DS/NDS technician positions here on this site.  We encourage you to visit USA Jobs; https://www.usajobs.gov/to view all open positions.  Once on the USA jobs web-site, please type in keyword “Title 32” and the location by city and state for which you are interested in working.  This will allow you to view ALL Army and Air National guard jobs open in that area.  If you have any questions about open positions please do not hesitate to contact a staffing representative:

CMSgt Sherry Willard                     785-274-1810     sherry.l.willard.mil@mail.mil

MSgt Kathy Thornton                     785-274-1053     kathleen.m.thornton6.mil@mail.mil

MSgt Douglas Roudybush             785-274-1164       douglas.e.roudybush.mil@mail.mil

SSgt Diane Collins                         785-274-1184     diane.m.collins13.mil@mail.mil

Click the links below to view the currently advertised positions for AGR opportunities

   These positions require membership in the Kansas National Guard.  Please visit the National Guard page for enlistment information.

Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) Positions

Full-Time National Guard (FTNG) Tours

  AGR and FTNG opportunities are paid based on current military Grade.

Technician pay is based on the grade of the position.  The salary range is listed on the announcement.  Additional benefits are offered on permanent and indefinite positions and may be reviewed here.

Click on the links below to access forms required to apply for positions.

Application for AGR Position   

Application for Counter-Drug

OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment

The OF 306 is to accompany any application for federal employment when the applicant is not a permanent employee.

ON-BOARD personnel can find Additional Information concerning PERSONNEL PROGRAMS HERE.

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