Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Requesting Eisenhower Center Rooms

The Preparedness Office handles reservations for the Eisenhower Center.

These two rooms (166 and 169) can accommodate about 30 people each, and can be modified into one big room to accomodate no more than 60 people comfortably. 

These rooms have the following features: Video projection; Plasma Displays, White Board, Internet (Wifi or HardConnect), and Audio Conference Phone. You can contact our office if you have questions about other features. 

Reservations are made at a first-come-first-serve basis. KDEM personnel has priority over room 166 and military has priority over room 169. Both sides of Eisenhower can be reserved if both sides are available. We will not cancel an existing reservation for a new one. 

To request the use of either room, please fill out the Eisenhower Request Form and email it to Isabel Herrera Schultes at maria.i.herrera13.nfg@mail.mil.

For technical questions about Eisenhower Center, please contact Erin McGinnis at erin.m.mcginnis2.nfg@mail.mil or (785) 274-1413. 

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