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Current Burn Bans

Reported as of April 8, 2014

For the most up to date information regarding burn bans in Kansas, please contact your county emergency management office or your local fire department or your local law enforcement dispatch center (non-emergency number). The decision to implement a burn ban is made by county or city government leadership based on local conditions, therefore, the best information resides at the local level.

Flint Hills Burning Restrictions during the month of April

Burning in the Flint Hills in Kansas is regulated by state regulations, specifically K.A.R. 28-19-645, 28-19-646, 28-19-647, and 28-19-648. As part of the Kansas Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan, burning is restricted in certain counties for the month of April. Additional information on the April burn restrictions in the Flint Hills are available on the web at www.ksfire.org/doc4661.ashx and www.sbeap.org/publications/Open_burning_in_Kansas.pdf

Fire Weather

High to elevated fire danger levels will develop this afternoon in the Southwest region of the state. Near critical fire weather conditions are forecast this afternoon in the North Central region. The South Central region is forecast to experience very high grassland fire danger. Additionally, very high fire danger is expected today across the entire Northeast region.



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