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11-052 Fourth Annual Business and Industry Forum set for May 25 and 26

Business leaders from across the state will meet in Salina May 25 and 26 for the fourth annual Business and Industry Forum for Disaster Response and Recovery, hosted by the Kansas Adjutant General’s Department. This forum will be conducted at the Kansas Regional Training Institute, 2850 Scanlan Ave., Bldg. 365, and at the Crisis City training site, both in Salina. The forum is free and open to all interested business professionals.

Governor Sam Brownback will kick off the forum on May 25.

"Our business and industry professionals across the state have high stakes in disaster response," said Brownback. "Their immediate livelihoods and the future viability of their businesses depend on quick response and recovery from disasters. Forums such as this allow us to explore the best ways mitigate the effects of a disaster and speed recovery."

The forum is designed to facilitate public and private sectors working together during disaster response within the state. Previous forums have provided training and education, and facilitated interaction between private businesses, the emergency management community, and state and federal government. The forum addresses the disaster response process and how the parties can assist each other. The key benefit to attendees is the interaction, discussion and mutual understanding gained through participation.

"These forums help us understand what sort of help businesses need from us during a disaster and what help they can provide to the state," said Maj. Gen. (KS) Lee Tafanelli, the adjutant general and director of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management. "It also helps business owners to understand what sort of help we can give them in planning for future disasters."

Keynote speaker Grant Goldsmith will address Risk Management during the first day of the forum. Goldsmith is a Certified Risk Manager and manager of the Salina office for Fee Insurance Group. The title of Certified Risk Manager is conferred by the professional organization Certified Risk Managers International when a candidate completes a five-course program that includes principles of risk management, analysis of risk, control of risk, financing of risk and the practice of risk management.

Other speakers include Tafanelli; Terri Ploger, branch director, KDEM; Richelle Stewart, planner, KDEM, and Jeremy Jackson, director, Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center. During the forum, participants will see demonstrations of the training venues at Crisis City, a multidiscipline training facility operated by KDEM. There will also be a panel discussion on cyber-threats and security, plus a tabletop exercise concerning interdependency and supply chain issues during a disaster, as well as networking and discussion sessions.

Registration for this free forum is still available. To register or for more information, call Brandt Haehn at (785) 274-1431; email brandt.k.haehn@us.army.mil. Registration may also be done via e-mail to registrations@mamtc.com or on-line at www.mamtc.com.




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