Pipeline Venue

In Kansas, more than 77,000 miles of piping runs throughout the state. The pipeline industry has an excellent safety record, but in those rare instances when an incident does occur and products are released, it is imperative that emergency responders are trained to handle the situation appropriately. This venue will equip personnel with the skills necessary to deal with third party damage, abnormal operating conditions and any incident that could potentially affect the public.

This venue contains buried and exposed pipeline for leak response techniques. The training props consist of:

  • An overturned tanker trailer
  • A drill head
  • A vehicle accident scene
  • A confined space trench
  • A small house

All of these props are plumbed into the pipeline that can be energized with compressed water and air for realism.

Piles of Dirt
Large Field with Trailer
Small Building
Fire Truck
Crushed Car