Kansas Incident Support Program

The Kansas Incident Support Program is designed to provide assistance to incident commanders in the field via an incident support team and/or emergency managers in the emergency operations center. Kansas ISP membership is comprised of public safety professionals from political subdivisions across the state. Members of the Kansas ISP represents expertise in their career fields and has completed position-specific training for the respective position(s) that they fill on the Incident Support Team and/or Emergency Operations Center Support Team.

The Kansas ISP concept enhances a political subdivision's capabilities for disaster response and recovery by augmenting certain command and general staff positions to support the incident commander or emergency operations center manager/director, but at the same time allowing jurisdictions to maintain command and control of their own disaster by retaining key command and general staff positions within their jurisdiction.

If a jurisdiction requires assistance filling a command or general staff position that is not a part of the Kansas ISP, such as an incident commander, deputy incident commander, and operations section chief for an incident support team; or emergency operations center manager/director for an emergency operations center support team, Kansas Division of Emergency Management and the State Emergency Operations Center will facilitate a mutual aid request on behalf of a jurisdiction to facilitate the deployment of individuals for those positions requested utilizing the Kansas Mutual Aid System Compact or jurisdiction to jurisdiction mutual aid.