2nd Battalion, 130th Field Artillery

2nd Battalion, 130th Field ArtilleryMission: Integrates and delivers lethal and non-lethal fires to enable joint and maneuver commanders to dominate their operational environment across the spectrum of operations. On order, the battalion provides timely and effective National Guard Civil Support as directed by the governor of Kansas in times of natural disaster or emergency.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

The unit commander is Lt. Col. Dana Graf Jr.

The unit is composed of the following:

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, Hiawatha and Marysville
  • Battery A, Holton and Marysville
  • Battery B, Paola and Kansas City

2022 Unit Highlights

In July, more than 300 Soldiers from the battalion successfully completed rigorous and realistic pre-mobilization training at the Kansas Training Center in Salina. The training was facilitated and evaluated by the Kansas Collective Training Team to ensure the unit was ready to deploy and complete its wartime mission.

In August, the battalion conducted post-mobilization training at Fort Bliss, Texas. Eighteen M142 HIMARS crews safely and successfully fired 54 M28 reduced-range practice rockets in conjunction with a four-day culminating training exercise to satisfy 1st Army deployment requirements.

In September, the battalion assumed its mission in Army Central Command, supporting Operations Inherent Resolve and Spartan Shield. During its first 30 days, the unit completed a multifaceted validation exercise and supported two bilateral training exercises with host nation partners to strengthen relationships while enhancing interoperability and providing stability to the region.