891st Engineer Battalion

891st Engineer BattalionMission: Increase the combat effectiveness of the support brigades at division and corps level by accomplishing mobility, survivability and general engineering tasks. Provides command and control of three to five assigned engineer companies and one forward support company, to provide mobility in support of force application or focused logistics. On order, conduct stability and support operations in support of federal missions and provide Military Assistance to Civil Authorities for state and local missions.

Command Leadership and Unit Structure

??The battalion commander is Lt. Col. Chadwick Hines

The senior noncommissioned officer is Command Sgt. Maj. Jared Ludwig

The unit is composed of the following;

  • Headquarters Support Company, Iola
  • Forward Support Company, Iola
  • 226th Engineer Company, Augusta and Salina
  • 242nd Engineer Company, Coffeyville, Wichita and Pittsburg
  • 772nd Engineer Mobility Augmentation Company, Pittsburg
  • 35th Military Police, Topeka

Recent Unit Highlights

The 772nd Mobility Augmentation Company conducted their Yellow Ribbon event in February and completed the reintegration of the forward unit with the rear detachment. During their deployment, the Soldiers supported the U.S. Border Patrol by performing camera operations.

All units of the battalion conducted their annual training June 4-18 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. The 891st Engineer Battalion's Headquarters and Headquarters Company focused on supporting the 226th Engineer Company during their external evaluation by 1st Army.

During annual training, the 891st Engineer Battalion Forward Support Company devised and executed a support plan across three locations and two states. This provided realistic convoy and distribution missions.

The 772nd 's annual training focused on individual training on combat engineer-specific individual tasks. The 772nd also provided opposition forces for the 226th Engineer Construction Company's 1st Army external evaluation.

The 226th Engineer Construction Company's external evaluation tested the unit's ability to secure a job site and conduct horizontal construction operations in support of a maneuver element. This evaluation was the culmination of two years of planning while the unit was designated as an Army Response Force unit.

At annual training, the 242nd Engineer Construction Company worked on constructing vehicle protective positions for maneuver units. The company had an additional project at Junction City, working on a walking trail along the banks of the Republican River.

The 35th Military Police Company started 2022 by deploying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where they provided external security to the detention facility. The 35th MP Company returned to Kansas in October.