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Course IDCourse NameType / Length of TrainingCourse Description
Americans with Disability Act
Web-based Self-Study - 2.5 hours
Upon completion of this course, you should know: Who has rights and obligations under Title I of the ADA; the process for identifying and providing reasonable accommodations; how to troubleshoot job performance, conduct, and other issues.
    Breaking Through the Bull
Archived Webcast - 1.5 hours
It's the worst-kept secret in business - most organizations regularly miss their performance targets. Jim Clemmer's free webcast shows you how to identify "moose" issues and take concrete steps that will help you develop a high-performance organization.
    Coaching and Mentoring
Web-based Self-Study - 3 hours
Learners participating in this web-based course will examine how individuals can purposefully learn with and from others. Within a conception of mentoring as a continuum of supportive relationships ranging from role modeling, coaching, advising, supervising, and mentoring, participants will examine and differentiate these types of learning activities, and in particular, coaching and mentoring relationships. Within the framework of the learning objectives and course modules listed below, learners will examine coaching and mentoring from a triad of perspectives: as a protégé, as a mentor, and in light of the environmental features of their respective organizations. Learners will use a variety of information resources, worksheets, and tools to apply new learning to their own situations present and future.
Conflict Management
Web-based Self-Study - 3 hours
The purpose of the course is to provide practical, hands-on, experience in conflict management. The course will focus on how conflict management can be used in a variety of work settings. The course features an interactive discussion led by an expert in conflict management.
How to Manage Conflict so it Doesn’t Manage You
Web-based Self-study - 3 hours
This course describes essential strategies to improve effectiveness when dealing with all types of interpersonal and group conflicts that may be experienced with co-workers, bosses, and employees in the workplace. With the right strategies, even conflict-avoiders and in-your-face confrontational types will learn ways to increase their chances of achieving win-win outcomes, while improving interpersonal communication in the process.
Improving Interpersonal Communication and Relationships 
Web-based Self Study - 3 hours
No matter how effective a communicator you already are, this course will help you communicate with greater impact in all types of workplace interactions. Participants will learn about communication styles that work best in various situations, how to build and maintain trust, how to give and receive input and criticism, how to increase your impact at meetings, ways to improve inter-professional working relationships, how to deliver difficult messages, how to communicate with diplomacy and tact, and how to deal with difficult behaviors more effectively. Whatever your job responsibilities or your position in the hierarchy, this program will offer you an assortment of strategies that can make a real difference in your interpersonal effectiveness and your ability to build and maintain satisfactory working relationships. 
Managing Diversity Begins with You 
Web-based Self Study - 2 hours
The purpose of this intermediate course is to acquire a conceptual framework with tools to manage diversity in the workplace as a way of improving service delivery, quality, and accessibility. It is expected that each participant will be able to identify their role in their own organization with respect to diversity and cultural competency and to position their organization as a leading organization in the delivery of culturally competent services.
Mentoring and Coaching
Web-based Self Study - 2 hours
The purpose of this course is to distinguish the difference between a mentor and a coach and how to shape these relationships. A discussion of the utilization of learning contracts to help in this process is also discussed. Exercises are included to help the learner understand how to use a learning contract and how to choose a mentor or a coach.
Practical Leadership Development for Peak Performance
Archived Webcast - 1.5 hours
Leadership is clearly the key to success. Developing these “soft skills” and aligning them with organizational goals is critical to high performance in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing world. But despite all the talk about leadership and change, many “change-fatigued” managers struggle with just how to strengthen their personal effectiveness and leadership. 
Productive Communication Skills
Web-based Self-Study 4 hours
This course is designed to provide you with the communication skills you will need to help you take the next step up in your organization. After taking this course, you will be able to reach a positive outcome with those you supervise by understanding personal communication style differences, using turn-taking effectively, noticing facial expressions which may signal emotions, and maintaining an appropriate body posture when communicating. You will learn the preferred pace of the different styles, and how styles shift under stress. You will learn how to increase your productivity by identifying high-payoff activities, handling conflicting priorities, and using your most productive time of day to your advantage. You will learn how to deal with difficult people by improving your listening skills and becoming a more persuasive person.
S.M.A.R.T Objectives 
Web-based Self-Study 15 minutes
After completing this course and working with SMART objectives you will be able to: Differentiate between goals and objectives; define the meaning of each aspect of the SMART objectives; Identify potential barriers to crafting SMART objectives; Identify both effective and ineffective SMART objectives; and utilize SMART objective as a part of the Performance Management Process.