Modular Training Battalion

Quartermaster Branch InsigniaWelcome to the Modular Training Battalion Website

The Modular Training Battalion has been established to provide professional instruction and top-class facilities for both military and non-military groups or organizations.

Medical Branch InsigniaMission

The 2-235th MTB provides institutional training within assigned Career Management Fields and Additional Skill Identifier missions in support of the Army's Modular Force. The 2-235th provides for the review and development of the One Army School System courseware in response to the Army's training needs and the operating environment. The2-235th and its companies conduct The Army School System approved Unit Supply Specialist and Culinary Specialist courses. Training mirrors the current operational environment, Lessons Learned and Army Learning Model. Provide training to Soldiers to attain needed military education and proficiency standards.

If you have any questions for the 235th Regiment you can post them on our Facebook page. It can be found in Facebook by visiting the following link or doing a search for "235th Regiment".