Officer Candidate School/Warrant Officer Candidate School

Welcome to the OCS/WOCS Website

The Officer/Warrant Officer Candidate School has been established to provide professional instruction and top-class facilities for the future leaders of both the Army and the Army National Guard.

The Kansas Army National Guard is looking for highly motivated and competent future leaders. By entering into the National Guard Officer Candidate School program you may have the opportunity to be that leader. Officers in the Army National Guard are in high demand. As an OCS candidate, you will undergo training which will prepare you for the challenges faced by a commissioned officer. The training will also equip you with management and leadership skills that are transferable in the military as well as in your civilian career.

The Kansas Army National Guard Officer Candidate School Phase 0 prepares qualified officer candidates for the challenges faced during the OCS commissioning process. Emphasis is placed on ensuring that officer candidates can meet the standards of the National Guard OCS program. Upon completion of the program, successful candidates will attend Officer Candidate School in either the accelerated program (57 days of intense resident training) OR through the traditional program (up to a year of IDT training as well as 2, two week resident courses).

Once commissioned, second lieutenants will attend an Officer Basic Course within 24 months of commissioning. OBC will train second lieutenants in the finer aspects of their branch thus preparing them for greater leadership opportunities and responsibilities. OBC locations and lengths vary depending on branch. Additional schooling MAY be available as time and resources permit.

The following are minimum requirements to enter into Officer Candidate School:


Minimum age is 18, maximum age is 42. In addition, those seeking to enlist under the 09S OCS option in order to attend either State or Accelerated OCS must not have reached their 35th birthday at the time of enlistment. These age limits are non-waiverable.


Applicants may enroll in and complete State or Accelerated OCS without citizenship; however, you must possess or attain United States citizenship prior to appointment. Dual citizenship is not permitted.

Test Scores

GT 110 of higher, no waivers are authorized for this requirement.


  1. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or General Education Development diploma or certificate.
  2. Minimum of 90 semester hours toward an accredited degree. All applicants must provide a copy of the most current certified transcript from an accredited college or university documenting the credits prior to enrollment in OCS. Additionally, those without a bachelor's degree must submit an approved degree completion plan prior to enrollment.


  1. Applicants for OCS must meet all procurement medical fitness standards as prescribed in AR 40-501, Chapter 2 or receive all necessary waivers for disqualifying conditions from the Army National Guard Chief Surgeon's Office.
  2. Chapter 2 physicals are valid for appointment for two years from the date of examination, provided that there is no significant change in the individual's medical condition.


Prior to enrollment in OCS, applicants must meet required height and weight/body fat content standards as outlined in AR 600-9.

Army Physical Fitness Test

Applicants must take and pass the standard three event APFT as prescribed in FM 7-22 within 60 days prior to reporting to Phase I training. A certified DA Form 705 must accompany the applicant's OCS enrollment packet.

Security Clearance

Can enroll in the program with an interim clearance; however, a secret security clearance is required prior to commissioning.

Prior Training

Must have completed an Army or Marine Corps basic training and advanced individual training, does not include OCS enlistment option (09S). Requests for exception to policy may be granted on a case by case basis.


If you have any questions for the Kansas OCS/WOCS Battalion you can post them to our Facebook page or call 785-822-6633. Additional resources for information include the State Officer Strength Manager at 785-861-3955 or the State Warrant Officer Strength Manager at 785-274-1823.