Intelligence Oversight

Intelligence Oversight (IO)

"IO involves balancing two fundamental interests: collecting information required to protect national security and protecting the individual rights of U.S. persons (USPERs) as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the U.S." -CNGBI 0700.01

Reporting Questionable Intelligence Activities (QIAs)

QIAs can be defined as conduct during or related to an intelligence activity that may violate law, Executive Order or Presidential Directive, applicable DOD policies, and/or NGB, Army and Air Force policy documents and instructions. Such activities include, but are not limited to, Tasking intelligence personnel to conduct intelligence activities that are not part of the organization's approved mission, even if they have the technical capability to do so; Providing intelligence services and/or products without proper authorization; Failure to file proper use statements for imagery collection associated with U.S. persons; Collecting information on U.S. persons, even through open source, when it is not part of the unit's mission. Those reporting a QIA are protected from reprisal or adverse actions associated with this reporting by anyone in their entire chain of command. While it is preferred you use your chain of command to report any QIAs, you may report possible QIAs to any of the following: your supervisor, intelligence oversight officer, commander, unit legal advisor (either the judge advocate general or general counsel), the inspector general, the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight, or the DoD General Counsel's office directly. You can find out more about QIAs on the Department of Defense Senior Intelligence Oversight Official Website.

Kansas National Guard Intelligence Oversight SOP (KSNG SOP 381-10)

  • Kansas National Guard Intelligence Oversight SOP
PublicationTitleIssuance Date
EO 12333U.S. Intelligence Activities (PDF)4 December 1981
DoDD 5200.27Acquisition of Information Concerning Persons and Organizations not Affiliated with the Department of Defense (PDF)7 January 1980
DoDD 5148.11 (PDF)Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight (PDF)24 April 2013
DoDD 5240.01 (PDF)

DoD Intelligence Activities with Change 1 (PDF)

9 November 2020

DoDM 5240.01 (PDF)

Procedures Governing the Conduct of DoD Intel Activities (PDF)8 August 2016
DoDR 5240.1-R (PDF)

Procedures Governing the Activities of Dod Intel Components That Affect U.S. Persons with Change 2 (PDF)

Please note: Procedures 14 and 15 Deleted and incorporated in DODD 5148.13

26 April 2017

CNGBI 2000.01C (PDF)

National Guard Intelligence Activities (PDF)14 August 2018
CNGBM 2000.01National Guard Intelligence Activities (PDF)26 November 2012
CNGBI 0700.01AInspector General Intelligence Oversight (PDF)21 December 2018
NGR 20-10 ANGI 14-101 (PDF)National Guard Inspector General Intelligence Oversight Procedures (PDF)5 November 2014
DODD 5148.13 (PDF)

Intelligence Oversight (PDF)

26 April 2017
AFI 14-104 (PDF)Oversight of Intelligence Activities, with Implementation Guidance (PDF)29 SEP 2016
AFI 90-201The Air Force Inspection System (PDF)19 November 2018
DoDM 5240.01 (PDF)Army Implementing Guidance for Intelligence Oversight (PDF)8 August 2016
AR 1-201 (PDF)Army Inspection Policy (PDF)25 February 2015
AR 381-10 (PDF)U.S. Army Intelligence Activities (PDF)3 May 2007
KSNG SOP 381-10 (PDF)Kansas National Guard Intelligence Oversight SOP (PDF)8 February 2019
NGB GuideNGB Guide to Handling Information on Us Persons While Operating Within the US V1.1 (PDF)23 February 2010
NGB-J2 White PaperIntel Support to Civil Disturbances (PDF)N/A


TIGS (DAIG) Intel Oversight Guide (PDF)November 2014

KSNG FY17 IO Checklist (PDF)

Intelligence Oversight Checklist (PDF)1 March 2017


DA IG OIP Guide for Commanders (PDF)March 2020
CNGBI 7500 (PDF)Domestic Use of National Guard Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Final Approved Signed October 19 2016) (PDF)13 OCT 2016
Policy Memo 15-002 (PDF)Guidance for the Domestic Use of UAS (PDF)17 February 2015

Binder Contents (PDF)

Continuity Binder Contents Fiscal Year 2017 (PDF)1 March 2017

Miscellaneous Reference Material

Additional Guides

Appendix B: Intelligence Oversight Monitor Appointment Order Format

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Appendix C: Intelligence Oversight Continuity Binder Format

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Appendix D: Unit Intelligence Oversight SOP

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Appendix E: Personnel Roster Formats

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Appendix Fax: Training Material and Register

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Appendix G: Reporting Processes and Formats

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Appendix H: Annual File Review

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Appendix I: Intelligence Oversight Quarterly Reports

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Appendix J: Inspections

NGB-IG Intelligence Oversight Self-Assessments

(For use during inspections and Staff Assistance Visits. These documents are not checklists, but rather tools for units and sections to utilize for successful IO Program assessment.)


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