Consultation Task Teams (CTTs)

Kansas Public Safety Broadband Consultation Task TeamsThe Consultation Task Teams (CTTs) are state and territory task teams formed regarding subjects on which FirstNet is seeking further stakeholder input. Teams are topic-specific and meet over a short period of time. The first CTTs will discuss the conceptual QPP Framework FirstNet developed with the support of the Public Safety Advisory Committee. The Quality of Service, Priority, and Preemption (QPP) CTT will be comprised of stakeholders with operational and technical expertise who provide meaningful input to inform FirstNet-related network policies and operations. FirstNet recommends that Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) select from a wide range of knowledgeable and dedicated stakeholders as QPP CTT members.

QPP Definition

Quality of Service, Priority & Preemption Overview

Quality of Service, Priority, and Preemption (QPP) are three characteristics that describe a public safety entity's anticipated experience on the FirstNet network. Quality of Service means that public safety personnel maintain appropriate access to critical communication resources at all times. Priority means that public safety personnel receive access to those resources first, ahead of other users. Preemption means that higher priority personnel are able to utilize all available resources within the network, even if services to lower priority personnel are denied. This QPP framework:

  1. Establishes and manages, both statically and dynamically, QPP capabilities within the network.
  2. Allows public safety users to have different services, applications, and usage profiles.
  3. Allows public safety users to have default QPP properties.
  4. Allows the modification of those properties by FirstNet and/or local public safety entities, as needed.

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