State Emergency Operations Center


The State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) exists to:

  • Gather, process, and report emergency situation intelligence to aid in State policy and decision-making.
  • Support local communities as they direct and control disaster emergency response operations.
  • Account for the State's response support costs.

In non-disaster conditions, the SEOC is maintained in an operational status that facilitates a timely response to rapidly evolving emergencies. The SEOC's ability to exchange critical disaster information is achieved through diverse and redundant communications technologies.

SEOC Preparedness Levels

Level 1: Watch

When conditions indicate an event/disaster may occur. The SEOC will be staffed with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management Staff.

Level 2: Partial Activation

Limited Emergency Support Function (ESF) activation during or following an event/disaster.

Level 3: Full Activation

Normally 24-hour staffing. Primary and lead Emergency Support Functions notified. Federal assistance may be necessary.