Citizen Preparedness

General Disaster Preparedness / Getting Prepared

Your household could be impacted by a fire, tornado, or other disaster at anytime. Plan ahead so that you and your family knows what to do during an emergency or disaster, has emergency supplies on hand, has a method to be informed about dangerous situations in your area, and is trained in life-saving skills like CPR.

Make a Plan, Get a Kit, Be Informed & Get Trained

Make a Plan

Decide what you would do in case of a fire, a tornado, a flood or other emergency. How will you get out of the house? Where will family members meet to ensure everyone is safe? How will you contact those who are not at home? Once you have the plan devised, make sure everyone knows what it is and practice it. CLICK HERE for a checklist to help you make your plan.

Get a Kit

Now, make a disaster kit. Commercial kits are available or you can assemble the components on your own. Creating a disaster kit is not difficult. When stored in an easy to carry container, it provides food, water and all the other essentials you and your family need to sustain yourselves for 72 hours or longer.

Be Informed

Purchase a NOAA All-Hazards Radio or sign up for other alerts via your count or other providers.