Radiological Planning & Response

Kansas Division of Emergency Management (KDEM) is, by statute, the responsible state agency for coordinating radiological response protection operations, training and planning, administering the Nuclear Safety Emergency Management Fee fund, and conducting maintenance of radiological instruments. KDEM's Technological Hazards Section is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the State's nuclear emergency plans and procedures.

This section stores, repairs, and lends radiation detection devices for use by various agencies in case of radiological materials accidents.

The Nuclear Program Administrator for the Technological Hazards Section, is the designated State Officer to receive advance notification of activities under 10 CFR 71.56, 10 CFR 73.37, and 10 CFR 73.21.

In all transportation accidents involving a radiological emergency, KDEM's Technological Hazards Section is notified by all state and local agencies who receive information involving an accident. KDEM's Technological Hazards Section notifies and coordinates with the appropriate local, State, and Federal agencies.

The Technological Hazards Section is responsible for:

  • Maintaining the Nuclear Facilities Incident Response Plan;
  • Participating in drills and exercises at Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation (WCNOC) and Cooper Nuclear Station (CNS);
  • Responding to emergencies at WCNOC;
  • Managing offsite radiological emergency response, in coordination with other state agencies;
  • Radiological protection planning, radiological training instruction and conducting/participating in radiological emergency exercises;
  • Maintaining, calibrating, and distributing radiation monitoring instruments for use by local and state government;
  • Route control of high level radioactive material shipments (10 CFR 71.56, 10 CFR 73.21, and 10 CFR 73.37;
  • Providing on the scene coordination and technical support for transportation accidents/incidents involving radioactive materials;
  • Responding to incidents involving radiological materials; and
  • Administering Nuclear Fees program.


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