Purchasing & Contracting


Our mission is to provide professional contracting support for all Kansas National Guard organizations in the Federal acquisition of construction, architect engineering services, and other supplies and services; utilizing the most cost-efficient and effective procedures, consistent with applicable law. The responsibility of Contract Specialists include requiring sufficient funds for contract obligation; utilizing the advice of Federal specialists, and ensuring contractors receive impartial, fair, and equitable treatment.

We use the Federal Business Opportunities website, to post solicitations. Any contractor wishing to do business with the U.S. Government must be registered in the System Award Management system (SAM).

Contact Us

  1. Mr. Vernon Verschelden
    Supervisory Contract Specialist
    Email Mr. Vernon Verschelden
    Phone: 785-646-0852

  2. Ms. Darci Rickson
    Contract Specialist
    Email Ms. Darci Rickson
    Phone: 785-646-0848

  3. Mr. John Weber
    Contract Specialist
    Email Mr. John Weber
    Phone: 785-646-0849

  4. Spc. Kyle Brisbane
    Contract Specialist
    Email Spc. Kyle Brisbane
    Phone: 785-646-0835

  5. 2nd Lt. Jonathan Chae
    Contract Specialist
    Email 2nd Lt. Jonathan Chae
    Phone: 785-646-0836

  1. Mrs. Kristy Rubio
    Contract Specialist
    Email Mrs. Kristy Rubio
    Phone: 785-646-0851

  2. Ms. Amanda Clayton
    Email Ms. Amanda Clayton
    Phone: 785-646-0850

  3. Mr. James Sparkes
    Contract Specialist
    Email Mr. James Sparkes
    Phone: 785-646-0853

  4. Mr. Delos (Chris) Halterman
    Supervisory Contract Specialist (ATEAM)
    Email Mr. Delos (Chris) Halterman
    Phone: 785-646-0847

  5. Fax Number: 785-646-1642