Retention Office

Our Vision

Be the premier retention service section within the Army National Guard.

Our Mission

Provide lifelong learning and benefits opportunities to members implementing retention programs aligned with goals and objectives that recruit, retain, and manage attrition to achieve authorized end strength objectives and operational force readiness requirements in the Kansas Army National Guard.

Eligibility For Retention

  • Must be 365 days from current Expiration Term of Service (ETS) to be eligible for extension (unless extending for a promotion, Active Guard Reserve (AGR) tour, school attendance, transfer of benefits to family).
  • Must meet Height/Weight and Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) standards unless waiver is submitted and approved.
    • Height/Weight
      • Within six months up to eight months for Traditional/AGR
    • ACFT
      • Within eight months for AGR
      • Within 14 months for Traditional
  • Medical Readiness Code of 1 or 2; 
    • If pending medical board (PEB/MEB), Soldiers can extend with a medical waiver. Length of extension is determined by G1 Personnel Medical.
  • Must not be in an absent without leave (AWOL) status.
  • Soldiers who are eligible to extend may extend 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years at a time.

*Most requirements may be waived subject to leadership approval per NGR 600-200 Ch. 8

FY24 Extension Gifts

***Choose ONE item***

  • 2-6 Year Extension
    • Black Rolling Bag  
    • Black Woobie Hoodie  
    • Large Black Gym Bag  
    • Desert Laptop Bag  
    • Woobie  
    • Black Gym Bag  
    • OCP Gym Bag  
    • OCP Backpack  
    • Flashlight  
    • More gifts are currently on order
  • 1 Year Extension
    • Travel Coffee Mug or Water bottle  

*Every Extension receives a skull cap/beanie


  • Career and Benefits Seminar: To assist Soldiers within their first term of service understand the full-time opportunities, benefits, and incentives available to them and how to continue the progression of their career.
  • Last Call and Transition Seminar (LCATS): Designed to provide guidance to Soldiers and family members intending to transition from the KSARNG, provide military benefits briefings, and one-on-one interaction with service support specialists and Retention NCOs.
  • Battalion Training: The Kansas Army National Guard (KSARNG) Recruiting and Retention Battalion (RRBN) State Retention Team conducts quarterly training to maintain and increase the effectiveness of the Battalion Retention NCO’s and through them increase the readiness of the KSARNG.
  • Unit Retention Workshops: The Unit Retention Workshop is designed to train newly appointed M-day Unit Retention NCOs and offer refresher training to experienced Unit Retention NCOs on necessary skills and techniques to assist unit commanders, first sergeants, and first line leaders with strength plans and activities. The workshop ensures each Unit Retention NCO is trained with the necessary knowledge and skills to be the subject matter expert for military benefits.

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