What types of complaints are not appropriate for the IG?

The following is a list of issues that are typically not appropriate for the IG, however, anyone can contact the IG regarding the issues below:

  • Criminal allegations
  • Issues that have other means of redress (if the appropriate redress procedures are used, IGs will advise complainants that IG involvement focuses on ensuring that the complainant received due process and the protection of rights as intended by law and regulation)
  • Court-martial actions
  • Non-judicial punishment
  • Officer evaluation reports
  • Enlisted reductions
  • NCO evaluation reports
  • Type of discharge received
  • Pending or requested discharge
  • Complaints that a commanding officer has wronged a soldier
  • Financial liability investigations of property loss
  • Civilian allegations of reprisals
  • Claims
  • Issues that are not Army or Air Force related
  • Department of Defense civilian employee redress through other channels
  • Relief for cause
  • Adverse information filed in personnel records (except for allegations of reprisal)
  • Hazardous work conditions
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Collective bargaining agreements
  • Appeals of adverse actions within the purview of 5 USC 7701-7703

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