What information will the IG need from me?

Identify to the IG what you would like the IG system to do for you.

Provide copies of any hard evidence or written documentation that you have to support your case and a list of other offices/agencies you have contacted regarding your issues when you contact the IG. This will greatly assist in the resolution of your issues.

Please attach your support documents to your completed and signed Department of Army (DA) form 1559, Inspector General Action Request (provided on our Army National Guard Toolbox page) or Air Force Form 102, Inspector General Personal and Fraud, Waste and Abuse Complaint Registration (provided on our Air National Guard Toolbox page) and mail, email, or fax to our office (please see contact information provided on our main page).

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1. Can I be disciplined for contacting an IG?
2. What is a “protected communication?”
3. What is “reprisal?”
4. Can I see the IG during normal duty hours?
5. What is a “third party complaint?”
6. What types of complaints are appropriate for the IG?
7. What types of complaints are not appropriate for the IG?
8. Can I talk to an IG “off the record?”
9. Who can file an IG complaint?
10. What IG do I or my family speak to if I am mobilized/deployed?
11. How do I contact the next higher level IG?
12. What information will the IG need from me?
13. Can an Inspector General order my supervisor to fix a problem?
14. Can I obtain the results of an Inspector General’s investigation/inquiry that I initiated?
15. What happens if someone knowingly provides false information to an IG?