Is EMPG a binding contract?

No, if the coordinator does not submit the EMPG application package, this indicates that you no longer would like to participate in the EMPG program. If the coordinator does submit the EMPG application package for the year, then yes it is.

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1. How do I know if our county qualifies to become an EMPG county?
2. What reports are required to be filed with KDEM?
3. Why does it take so long to receive our reimbursement checks?
4. How can I fill out EMPG application budget information if I don't know how much we're getting?
5. When do I need to update LEOP?
6. What forms are due when?
7. How do I know if I have the most current forms?
8. Is a KCEM required for EMPG?
9. Is EMPG a binding contract?
10. How does KDEM determine how much EMPG funds the counties will receive?
11. My commissioners are not interested in EMPG, but I think we should apply. Is there someone at KDEM that would talk to my commissioners?
12. If my county is not an EMPG county, do I have to do anything?
13. What are EMPG funds intended for?
14. What are the current EMPG allowable costs?
15. What do I need to submit with my county's EMPG application?
16. What do I need to submit for my county's EMPG Reports / Reimbursement Requests?
17. Who do we contact if we have questions about EMPG?
18. I need help completing a form. Who should I contact?
19. Do I need to submit original signatures or are faxed/scanned originals sufficient?