Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Homeland Security Working Group (HSWG) Charter


  • To improve homeland security in Kansas.
  • The Homeland Security Working Group shall have the following functions, powers, and duties:
    • Represent their organizations' perspective regarding homeland security preparedness matters;
    • Act as the coordinating group for state level terrorism plans, reviewing and editing plans;
    • Act as design team for state level terrorism exercises;
    • Produce and coordinate interagency guidelines for terrorism response;
    • Review terrorism responses; and
      • Design improvements to response procedures;
      • Recommend changes to the Commission on Emergency Planning and Response (CEPR) for changes to State Statutes or Kansas Administrative Regulations.
  • Staff support will be provided by Kansas Division of Emergency Management.


  • Animal Health Department
  • Attorney General
  • Board of Emergency Medical Services
  • Department of Transportation
  • Division of Emergency Management
  • Division of Environment
  • Division of Information Services
  • Division of Helath
  • Division of Health and Environmental Laboratories
  • Fire Chiefs' Association
  • Fire Fighters' Association
  • Fire Marshal's Office
  • Highway Patrol
  • Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Kansas Association of Counties
  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation
  • Kansas Department of Agriculture
  • Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Kansas Emergency Management Association
  • Kansas Emergency Medical Services Association
  • Kansas Emergency Medical Technicians Association
  • Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center
  • Kansas National Guard
  • Kansas Sheriffs Association
  • KU Fire School
  • League of Kansas Municipalities

Chairperson: selected annually by the Homeland Security Working Group.

Vice-Chairperson: designated by the chairperson.

Time allotted: The Homeland Security Working Group shall to convene as necessary. The Chairperson will be responsible for finalizing agenda issues, determining meeting times and tracking projects.

Feedback: Publish a summary of meetings and provide a report of programs and actions to CEPR as requested by CEPR Chairperson.

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Emergency Information

Click here for emergency preparedness information, safety awareness information and general information about severe weather and other potential emergencies that Kansans should be prepared for.

For information provided by Kansas Division of Emergency Management, click here.

For information provided by Kansas Homeland Security, click here.


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