Kansas Adjutant General's Department
KDEM Employee Directory

Main Phone Line: (785) 646-2000
Fax: (785) 646-2001



Address: 2800 SW Topeka Blvd.
               Topeka, KS 66611

24 Hour Emergency Number: (785) 291-3333

Media/reporters needing information anytime, please call 785-646-0090.

 Angee Morgan  Deputy Director  
L'Tanya Christenberry  Administrative Officer  785-646-2102


 Michael Neth  Fiscal Branch Director  785-646-0571
 Jennifer Deal  KDEM Fiscal Grants Mgmt Section Chief  785-646-2201
 Randy Bradford  Accountant  785-646-2202
 David Epps  Accountant  785-646-2203


Crisis City            Fax Number: (785) 646-2434 
 Tammy Shea  Administrative Specialist  785-646-2431
 Calvin Kelsey  Exercise/Training Specialist  785-646-2432


Response and Recovery

 Jonathan York  Branch Director  785-646-2501
 Stephanie Goodman  WebEOC Manager/Watch Center  785-646-2502
 Devan Tucking  Response & Recovery Services Section Chief  785-646-2541
 Justine Frakes  Human Services Officer  785-646-2521
 Becky Middendorf  State Coordinating Officer  785-646-2527
 Jeff Welshans  Field Services Section Chief   785-646-2511
 Vacant - KDEM Main  Kansas City Metro/NE Regional Coordinator  785-646-2000
 Steve Harsha  Northeast Regional Coordinator  785-646-2516
 Rick Horn  North Central Regional Coordinator  785-338-2052
 Toby Prine  Northwest Regional Coordinator  785-259-5297
 Cathy Hernandez  South West Regional Coordinator  785-646-2513
 Jim Leftwich  South Central Regional Coordinator  316-833-0498
 Josh Smith  Southeast Regional Coordinator 620-794-6543


Emergency Communications Section
 Jason  Bryant  Statewide Interoperability Coordinator  (785) 646-2531
 JL Ellis  Interoperable Communications Training and Exercise   Specialist   (785) 646-2533
 Adam Chriss  Interoperable Communications Training and Exercise   Specialist   (785) 646-2532
Steven West   Communications on Wheels Technician  (785) 646-2535


Technological Hazards Section 
 Devan  Tucking  Interim Technological Hazards Section Chief  785-646-   2541

Robert Parker

 Spills Database Coordinator   785-646-   2542
Swapan Saha

 Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness Grant Manager

 785-646-   2543
 Vacant  Local Emergency Planning Committee   Coordinator/Radiological Calibration Specialist  785-646-   2544
 Jess Penn  Radiological Planner/Exercise Specialist  785-646-   2545


Planning and Mitigation
 VACANT  Branch Director  785-646-2301
 Kyle Oneth  Planner  785-646-2303
 Brian Rogers  Resource Management Planner  785-646-2304
VACANT  COOP Planner  785-646-2305
 Derek Montgomery  Biological Planner  785-646-2302
 Jeanne Bunting  State Hazard Mitigation Officer  785-646-2307
 Austin Bork  LEOP Planner  785-646-2303
 Vacant  Mitigation Planner  785-646-2306
 Charlie McGonigle  Mitigation Projects Manager  785-646-2308
 Mike Ahlf  Mitigation Specialist  785-646-2309


 Mike D'Attilio  GIS Coordinator  785-646-2321
 Luke Finley   HLS / GIS Analyst  785-646-2322


 Terri Ploger  Branch Director  785-646-2401
 Jandie Cowdin  Training & Exercsie Coordinator  785-646-2402
 Isabel Herrera  Preparedness Specialist  785-646-2403


 Mark Willis  Training Program Manager (STO)  785-646-2404
 Heidi Schneider  Training Specialist  785-646-2407


 Robert Cox  Exercise Program Manager  785-646-2405
 Cody Liming  Exercise Officer  785-646-2406


Planning and Mitigation
 Bryan Murdie  Branch Director  (785) 646-1431
 Susan McMahan  Planner  (785) 861-3025
 Brian Rogers  Resource Management Planner  (785) 646-1890
Justin Albrecht  Planner  (785) 646-1432
 AJ Wolfe  Planner  (785) 646-1429
 Jacob Gray  State Hazard Mitigation Officer  (785) 646-1973
 Jeanne Bunting  Mitigation Planner  (785) 861-3024
 Charlie McGonigle  Mitigation Projects Manager  (785) 646-1421
 Jerry Millsaps  Mitigation Specialist  (785) 646-1840


 (785) 207-1558


 (785) 207-1558
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Emergency Information

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