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Remember your Ps - Flood Preparedness


 Flood Preparedness

"Mind your Ps and Qs" – a quaint admonition to pay attention to details. When faced with the decisions to evacuate in an emergency, it’s the Ps that matter most –Preparing and Packing.

When Packing or Preparing for evacuation, pay attention to these details that "P" should bring to mind:

People and Pets – Life safety always comes first!

Prescriptions – Don’t forget to grab pills/medications and eyeglasses before you leave your home.

And if you’ve done the pre-planning or time allows:

Papers – Don’t forget your emergency contact list and other important phone numbers, legal documents, birth certificates, etc.

Pictures ? If you have time try to take things with you that are irreplaceable, such as pictures of family.

Plastic – When you leave your house don’t forget your purse or wallet! Make sure that you have your credit cards and some cash.

PC – Personal computers and laptops contain many people’s important information. If you have time, include this when packing to evacuate. At a minimum, back-up vital data on a flash drive or CDs.

Precious Items- Some things can’t be replaced. When going through your evacuation planning, think about what is important to you and identify how you would evacuate with that item, if possible.

Based on information from the City of Minot, S.D. website



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