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15 June 2016 - Kansas SIEC and FirstNet Meeting:  Governance Body Consultation Meeting reading materials and presentation booklet -


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FirstNet issued the Request for Proposal (RFP) today for the deployment of the nationwide public safety broadband network.  This is a major step forward for both FirstNet and the public safety community, as it sets in motion the process for us to partner with industry to build and deploy the network.  This is something that first responders have been looking forward to for many years, and we are excited about moving public safety even closer to having their own network.  You can read the FirstNet News release for the RFP HERE and the RFP itself by following the FirstNet links or by clicking HERE.                                  


In February 2012, Congress enacted The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012, containing landmark provisions to create a much-needed nationwide interoperable broadband network that will aid police, firefighters, emergency medical service professionals and other public safety officials to more effectively do their jobs. The law’s governing framework for the deployment and operation of this network, which is to be based on a single, national network architecture, is the aptly named National Public Safety Broadband Network (NSPBN) which is to be over-seen by the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), an independent governmental agency within NTIA. FirstNet will hold the spectrum license for the network, and is charged with taking “all actions necessary” to build, deploy, and operate the network, in consultation with Federal, State, tribal and local public safety entities, and other key stakeholders.

On 25 September, 2012, the FirstNet Board was selected and conducted their first meeting (more information regarding that meeting can be found on the NTIA link on the right).  However, since this time FirstNet and the Kansas Public Safety Broadband initiative has come a long way.

The National Governor's Association’s original guidelines published recommended actions as best practices in regard to preparation for Public Safety Broadband. 

  • Ensuring public safety’s participation in design, operation, and governance;
  • Building partnerships with local governments, special districts, and key state associations;
  • Engaging tribal nations;
  • Communicating with the private sector and utilities.
  • Assessing the assets in the state;
  • Establishing security practices and rules governing access to information; and Ensuring that the state’s procurement and contracting rules and regulations allow for the turnaround time set forth in the law convening a multidisciplinary advisory group on broadband;

…But we have taken this much further

Outreach and education on this new and monumental undertaking began in earnest in January 2014 and has resulted in an unprecedented enthusiasm here in Kansas.  Broadband Outreach Coordinators have contacted Public Safety agencies and personnel from one corner of the state to the other with a goal of reaching out to state agencies, tribal governments and all 105 counties and their respective Public Safety personnel.  Many of these goals have been met, but there is still much to do here in Kansas and Outreach and Education will continue.

We at the KOEC want to see everyone involved in Public Safety sector properly represented during this entire process.  No one knows our Public Safety needs here in Kansas better than our own personnel and First Responders.  Our goal on this website is to provide yet one more tool to keep everyone here in Kansas informed on our progress and provide updates as they become available.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, and thank you for be an integral part of the Kansas Public Safety Broadband effort.



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