Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Scout Program

Kansas National Guard scouts are comprised of current Army and Air National Guard members, retirees of any military branch, and former military members with at least ten years of service.  Scouts play a vital role in the Kansas National Guard's ability to respond to disasters around the state and to maintain situational awareness.  They establish key relationships with local law enforcement and emergency management officials and send updates to the Kansas Joint Operations Center concerning any incidents that could impact public safety.  These incidents can include but are not limited to: adverse weather conditions, acts of terrorism, HAZMAT, and civil disturbances.     

The benefits of being a Kansas National Guard scout are significant.  Scouts who are deployed in support of an event receive State Active Duty pay at their discharged/retired rank (minimum E-6).  Expenses accrued during the support of an event will be reimbursed.  And scouts will have the opportunity to play an integral role in Kansas emergency preparedness and response.  Being a scout for the Kansas National Guard is mutually beneficial for the individual and the State of Kansas

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Emergency Information

Click here for emergency preparedness information, safety awareness information and general information about severe weather and other potential emergencies that Kansans should be prepared for.

For information provided by Kansas Division of Emergency Management, click here.

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