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The Kansas Training Center affords both military and civilian organizations an unprecedented opportunity to function jointly using real world technology to train and respond to missions both here and abroad. It is the backbone of the Kansas Army National Guard's ability to conduct pre-mobilization training for its soldiers here at home prior to deployment over seas. This keeps Kansans in the community during this extensive training rather than away from friends and family at military installations outside our state. It is an essential part of the training certification that is now a National Guard responsibility resting with The Adjutant General of Kansas, a transformation initiative of the Department of Defense.

Smoky Hill Weapons Range

Located 10 miles west of Salina, Kan., the Smoky Hill Weapons Range is the largest and busiest ANG bombing range in the nation, encompassing 51 square miles, and has more than 100 Tactical targets and an electronic warfare range. The complex provides approximately 36 thousand acres for combined arms training, allowing Active and Reserve component military organizations to train jointly in a realistic environment that combines ground and air assets in operational training in a way that's possible at only a few sites throughout the United States. The Smoky Hill range provides airspace within an FAA sanctioned Military Operational Area, which permits active and reserve units to operate both piloted and unmanned aircraft in training scenarios.

 Combat Air III at Smokey Hill

Premobilization Training Assistance
and Evaluation

A Premobilization Training Assistance and Evaluation element is the Kansas Training Center's newest addition and offers valuable predeployment training for Kansas Army National Guard personnel. In the past, most soldiers had to spend three months or more at out-of-state training facilities in preparation for deployments. The PTAE team and the facilities at the GPJTC make it possible for the bulk of that training to be conducted in Kansas, mostly over regular monthly drill weekends and two-week annual training periods. This allows soldiers to spend as much time as possible with their families and still receive the best possible training available to Army personnel in order to complete their mission and return home safely.

 Kansas Regional
Training Institute

The Kansas Regional Training Institute provides a variety of skills training to soldiers of the Army National Guard.

The KSRTI provides Ordnance, Military Occupational Skill, Additional Skill Identifier, Officer Candidate School and Noncommissioned Officer Education System Training for the U.S. Army (Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Active Component) for a nine-state region under The Total Army School System (TASS). Additionally, it provides billeting, training support, weapons ranges, training areas and annual training billeting for Department of Defense (DoD), Kansas National Guard (KSNG), and federal, state, and local government agencies.

284th Air Support
Operations Squadron 

The 284th Air Support Operations Squadron is responsible for advising U.S. Army and Army National Guard commanders on the capabilities and employment of air power, ensure its synchronization ino the ground commander's battle plan and provide terminal attacj control for close air support missions. The 284th ASOS also provides quick response emergency communications to the state headquarters in support of the state emergency action plan.


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