Kansas Adjutant General's Department
Kansas Hazard Mitigation Team (KHMT) Charter


  • To assess hazard mitigation needs, develop and implement statewide hazard mitigation policies, promote coordination of mitigation programs at all levels of government; pursue alternate mitigation funding strategies;
  • Powers and Responsibilities: The Kansas Hazard Mitigation Team shall have the following functions, powers, and duties:
    • The development and maintenance of an effective statewide Hazard Mitigation Program, involving all levels of government encouraging government officials to continually strive to promote Hazard Mitigation, and develop disaster cost-reduction initiatives;
    • Determination of the capabilities of each State and Federal agency to address various hazards, including the legal authority of each agency and the programs and funding sources available to address mitigation activities;
    • Active participation in the development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive State Hazard Mitigation Plan, with the support of the Division of Emergency Management, Adjutant General’s Department;
    • Designate teams to focus on researching, developing, reviewing, specific policies or processes of various hazard mitigation aspects;
    • Coordinate all hazard reduction programs, objectives and procedures to carry out these objectives through:
      • Coordinated strategies to further common program objectives,
      • Identification and evaluation of common priorities for each program,
      • Review and make recommendations on applications for program assistance,
      • Coordination of mitigation activities with local and Federal government programs,
    • Propose statewide mitigation policies to the Governor, Commission on Emergency Planning and Response, and agency heads.
    • Recommend methods to improve mitigation activities of State agencies, local governments, Federal government, and private industry; and
    • Review grant applications to make funding recommendations to appropriate agencies, and
    • Seek innovative means to effect solutions to known hazards.
  • The Adjutant General’s Department, Division of Emergency Management, shall provide staff support for the Kansas Hazard Mitigation Team.


  • Core Hazard Mitigation Team will be composed of authorized representative(s) from: Adjutant General’s Department
    • Kansas Department of Agriculture
    • Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing
    • Kansas Department of Health and Environment
    • Kansas Department of Transportation
    • Kansas Legislative Research Department
    • Kansas State Historical Society
    • Kansas Water Office ix. Kansas Wildlife and Parks
  • The Kansas Hazard Mitigation Team’s membership may be expanded, when additional expertise is needed for specific hazards, to include the following state, agencies:
    • Kansas Biological Survey
    • Kansas Corporation Commission
    • Kansas Department of Administration
    • Kansas Department of Education
    • Kansas Department of Human Resources
    • Kansas Department on Aging
    • Kansas Forest Service
    • Kansas Geological Survey
    • Kansas Highway Patrol
    • Kansas Insurance Department
    • Kansas State Fire Marshal’s Office
    • State Conservation Commission
  • To ensure representation of Federal partners the following agencies will be invited to participate on the team:
    • Federal Emergency Management Agency
    • Housing and Urban Development
    • National Weather Service
    • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • US Department of Agriculture
    • US Department of Health and Human Services
    • US Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation
    • US Economic Development Agency
    • US Geological Survey
    • US Railroad Administration
    • US Small Business Administration
  • To ensure representation of local governments the following associations will be invited to participate on the team:
    • Kansas League of Municipalities
    • Kansas Association of Conservation Districts
    • Kansas Association of Counties
    • Kansas Rural Water Association
    • State Association of Kansas Watersheds


Chairperson: Selected annually by the Core Hazard Mitigation Team members.

Vice-Chairperson: Designated by the Chairperson.

Frequency of Meetings and Time Allotted: The Kansas Hazard Mitigation Team shall have authority to convene as necessary, and the Chairperson will be responsible for finalizing agenda issues and determining meeting times.

Level of Empowerment: provide advice, assistance and make recommendations, evaluation and endorsement of mitigation projects. 

Feedback: Publish meeting summaries. Report to the Kansas Emergency Preparedness and Response Commission on a semi annual basis.

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