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13-082 Flood waters receding, but more rain expected; use caution around flooded areas

Although flood waters are receding in some areas of the state, numerous flood warnings remain in place. Current weather forecasts call for variable chances of rain across Kansas with the greatest chances for severe storms in the southern portion of the state, which could cause river levels to rise once more and generate flash floods as water runs off of already-saturated ground.

"With the weekend ahead, more people will be traveling and participating in recreational activities near streams and rivers," said Angee Morgan, deputy director for Kansas Division of Emergency Management. "Several rivers in Kansas have minor to moderate flooding and more could occur with additional rain, so it’s important to get weather and travel information before you leave home and exercise caution when near flooded areas."    

Driving Dangers Near Flood Waters

The Kansas Department of Transportation is reminding motorists to avoid driving through flooded areas. For local road conditions please check with local authorities. For Kansas highway conditions related to flooding please use KanDrive, the online travel info portal, http://www.kandrive.org, which displays information from the Kansas Department of Transportation’s traveler information technology. This includes highway cameras, dynamic message signs, traffic management centers and 511 phone, online and mobile (http://511mm.ksdot.org).

For more information about flood safety visit http://www.ksdot.org/offTransInfo/511Info/ FloodSafetyInfoJune2011.pdf.

Recreation Dangers Near Flood Waters

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism urges people to avoid The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism urges people to avoid playing in or around flooded streams, noting that even walking along the bank can be dangerous because the edge may be slippery or eroded beneath the water. 

Health Risks of Flooding

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment warns Kansans to be aware of the dangers flood waters or standing waters pose. These waters may contain potentially dangerous materials, such as sewage and chemicals. Exposure to flood waters can also cause infections or result in injuries. To protect yourself and your family from chemicals and diseases carried in flood waters or possible injury, avoid flooded areas. If exposed to flood waters, thoroughly wash with soap and clean water as soon as possible after exposure. Seek medical attention if you become injured or ill from exposure to flood waters. For more information, visit http://emergency.cdc.gov/disasters/floods/index.asp.

Current Flood Warnings

Currently, flood warnings are in effect for Allen, Bourbon, Butler, Clark, Cowley, Ford, Harvey, Kingman, Linn, Marion, McPherson, Reno, Rice, Sedgwick, Sumner, and Woodson Counties.

Minor flooding has been reported in the following counties:

  • Little Arkansas River near Halstead – Currently at approximately 25.16 feet and predicted to fall below flood stage early today. Flood stage is 25 feet.
  • Arkansas River at Derby –Currently at approximately 12.25 feet. Predicted to rise to 12.8 feetand fall below flood stage today/early Saturday. Flood stage is 12 feet.
  • Little Arkansas River near Mulvane - Most recent observed value was 17.8 feet (at 9:54 a.m. today)  and is predicted to fall below flood stage late today/early Saturday. Flood stage is 16.5 feet.
  • Arkansas River at Oxford – Currently at approximately 20.54 feet and will rise to 21.3 feet Saturday and is predicted to fall below flood stage on Sunday. Flood stage is 17 feet.
  • Arkansas River at Arkansas City – Will rise to 20.7 feet late today/early Saturday and is quickly predicted to fall below flood stage on Sunday. Flood stage is 17 feet.
  • Slate Creek at Wellington- Currently at approximately 20.17 feet and appears to be falling. No future data is available for this gauge. Flood stage is 19 feet.
  • Chikaskia River near Corbin- Currently at approximately 10.5 feet. Will rise soon to 10.7 feet and fall rapidly below flood stage late today/early Saturday. Flood stage is 10 feet.
  • Little Osage at Fulton- Currently at approximately 24.95 feet and will rise to 26 feet today and rapidly fall below flood stage late today/early Saturday. Flood stage is 22 feet.

County Disaster Declarations

Local disaster declarations are in place in Barton, Bourbon, Chase, Clay, Cloud, Crawford, Dickinson, Greenwood, Harvey, Lane, Linn, Lyon, McPherson, Pratt, Reno, Republic, Rice, and Wilson Counties.

For additional information on flood safety for individuals, go to http://www.ksready.gov/default.asp?PageID=15 and for flood safety information for businesses, go to http://www.ksready.gov/default.asp?PageID=12.

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